Yahoo! Time Off

september 25, 2006

So, I don't know why this has been blown so out of proportion. Yea, it is kind of a bad sign that online advertising maybe slowing down, but still it is a healthy business. Anyways, if you haven't heard the news, Yahoo! will be shutting down for the holidays (from December 25 to 29). I won't post the full internal memo, but it can be found on the web. Some Yahoos are not too happy about it. Some speak out publicly while others have been whining on internal mailing lists. Me? I could care less. The baby is on its way -- and he should arrive either the week of the shutdown or the week after. So, what's the kicker to all of this? To quote the internal memo:

Business critical exceptions will be made for Yahoos whose SVP determines their ongoing availability to work is essential to sustaining operations.
Guess who is part of a team that is "essential to sustaining operations". Yea. Me. So for those Yahoos who have been complaining, you are free to come over to my team for the week and help sustain operations if you're so frustrated about getting to take time off. Oh, and for the six years that I worked at Sony, we had forced vacation every year that I was there.

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