It's A Leaf In The Wind

october 20, 2006

The sight of a Battlestar dropping though the atmosphere with its belly on fire and Vipers shooting out its side was astonishing. How could that visual feast be topped? Well, it was topped a few times more during tonight's episode of Battlestar Galactica. Seeing Battlestar Galactica jump out of its freefall was yet another amazing sight. Then, the producers top themselves with a space battle worthy of the big screen. Tonight's episode had all the action and suspense that I was waiting for. It had some brilliant writing and great acting to go along with it. The scene between Lee and his wife was perfect. The sad moments between Tigh and his wife was heartbreaking. The look on Starbuck's face as she finds out about her child..perfect. And the juxtapose scene between the cheering for Adama and the loneliness of Tigh...perfect. All of this was well put together with the action, the special effects and the drama. Battlestar Galactica shows how good TV should be done. Bravo to everyone involved in bringing this amazing show to TV. If you have been missing out on Battlestar Galactica, you are definitely missing out on some good TV.

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