Fedora Core 6

october 27, 2006

I downloaded Fedora Core 6 yesterday, but didn't have a chance to install it into a VM until tonight.  I only had a few minutes to play with it, but it looks really nice.  I like the new theme.  FC6 will probably never go "bare metal" on my notebook because I like stability.  I am going to play with it and see how it goes in a VM.  So far, there was one annoyance and that is the changing of the display resolution.  In CentOS4, I can change the display resolution without having to restart X.  With FC6, I had to restart X to get the settings to take.  Anyone know why the change?  I don't remember it being like this in FC4 or FC5.  Anyways, the system looks gorgeous, the installation was painless, and so far, only 36MB of updates.  I expect that to go up as the Fedora developers continue to add cool new stuff to the system.

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