Serenada Schizophrana

november 5, 2006

Damn you Amazon. While looking up stuff for my previous post, Amazon told me about Danny Elfman's first symphony -- named Serenada Schizophrana. The hybrid SACD was released a month ago. I am a huge Danny Elfman fan (he's done scores for Batman, Spider-man, Men in Black, Desperate Housewives, The Simpsons, Pee Wee's Big Adventure and a lot of movies). I just had to have the CD. Thank goodness for a 30% coupon from Borders because it brought the cost of the CD down to about the same prices as if I were to order it via Amazon using their free shipping. Not bad. I have listened to the CD and it is pure Elfman. A great piece of work. And the upside? The Sony DAV-FR9 entertainment system at home has SACD Multichannel support! This symphony by Elfman sounds incredible in SACD Multichannel (this is my first ever hybrid SACD). The official website is here and there are samples from the six movement symphony. I never knew this and was quite surprised to find out that "Elfman is self-taught and has had no formal musical training."

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