Spy vs. Spy

december 14, 2006

I was thinking about on-screen spies and how they rank. Some come from spy franchises and others come from single spy movies. Here are some that I thought of, the best and the worst... Best Spies

  1. James Bond - The definitive on-screen spy. Sure there were some terrible Bonds (Timothy Dalton, anyone?). But, who can beat 007, especially with the recent reboot of the 007 franchise?
  2. Jason Bourne - Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? Well, Bourne should be pretty happy that the new Bond film imitates Bourne's grittiness. Bourne's world couldn't be more different than Bond's (Bourne works outside of a spy agency and is more "human" than Bond in most cases).
  3. Jack Bauer - The bad-ass agent who tortures, gets tortured and kicks some serious ass.
Worst Spies
  1. Ethan Hunt - Sure, the original TV Hunt was cool -- but, the Tom Cruise Hunt is just terrible. Smug smile, overly complicated stories, and way too many rubberized masks just sink Ethan Hunt.
  2. xXx - The first xXx portrayed by Vin Diesel was pretty cool. The second one (yes, there was one), portrayed by Ice Cube, just plain sucked.
I am sure I missed out on some spies. Let me know in the comments who you think are some of the best and worst spies.

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