Fedora Core Is Not For Servers

january 3, 2007

I made this mistake a while back when I used Fedora Core for building my home server. I found that the process of upgrading from one Fedora Core to another usually involves a lot of swearing and sweating. Eventually, when I did try to go from Fedora Core 4 over to Fedora Core 5, everything blew up and I ended up off-siting everything. I wish I had used CentOS for my server back then, things would have been a hell of a lot easier. Now comes the news that Fedora Legacy will shutdown. This will essentially limit the updates for a Fedora Core to about 18 months (like most other bleeding edge distros) before a new version needs to be installed. Fedora Legacy was supposed to extend that timeframe to as long as there was interest in updates for any particular Fedora Core release.   Fedora Core is not for production use, it is really for personal use -- desktop, development, or testing. Now that Fedora Legacy is gone, I cannot imagine anyone using Fedora Core for building a production server with the release of this news.

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