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january 26, 2007

Two Hours of Good Listening
I picked up BT's "This Binary Universe" yesterday. It was released last last year (August) and I guess I missed out! Anyways, I accidentally bumped into it the day before while looking around on Amazon for music. I have always been a BT fan and I knew that he could do a lot more than the trance stuff he is known for. He is a classically trained musician and has done a few soundtracks (The Fast and The Furious, Stealth and Monster). His last album, Emotional Technology was a disappointment for me. It just did not jive with me. So, I was very curious what would come of him changing his style a little. I am completely surprised and amazed by this album. It is BT, yet it is a completely different BT. Gone are the vocals (which I don't miss at all), in are the softer, simpler melodies. Gone are the dance-heavy beats, in are the long textured sounds. I have listened to the CD twice and watched half of the DVD. Do yourself a favor and do not buy this one on iTunes. For a buck more, you can get the CD/DVD combo from your local retailer (or Amazon). The DVD that is included is fantastic. There is a 5.1 DTS mix on the DVD that has accompanying video. The video is different and artsy, but that doesn't really interst me. What interests me is the 5.1 mix of the music -- BT wrote and produced this album in 5.1, the CD is a downmix of the original. And when played in DTS mode, it is a sonic treat -- even more so than the 5.1 SACD of Danny Elfmans' "Serenada Schizophrana" (which is another fantabulous album). "This Binary Universe" invites its listeners to come back over and over again.  The melodies maybe simple, but the compositions are complex.  What a great album

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