Day Break

march 3, 2007

Thanks ABC for letting "Day Break" finish its run online -- although, still no thanks ot ABC for canceling a show so quickly! I finally got to watch the final episode of "Day Break" on The episode was announced at the beginning of the week, but only showed up online last night. The reason for the delay was that ABC was editing the final scenes in order to remove a licensed song. They did not want to pay the licensing fees for a song on a show that was running online-only. I have to say, I wish ABC wasn't so revenue focused -- and short-sighted -- with their programming decisions. Day Break actually ended on a pretty good note and I enjoyed the show's run. So, the show was decently written and canceled before its time. This show will never be Firefly, which was excellently written and also canceled before its time. But, I am thinking there will be a cult following for Day Break (just like Firefly) through DVD sales and rentals -- though, I have doubts that Day Break will get a motion picture follow up. Spoilers Ahead!! You've been warned... The show writers already said that they would not explain why Brett Hopper's day was repeating over and over again. But, that can't stop me from thinking about why. Was it all a long deja vu experience for Hopper? Was it all happening in his head? When Damien smacks Hopper in the back of the head, did he straighten out some stuff in Hopper's head? And is that what knocked him out of the repetitive day? There are outstanding plot holes. Why did Nick and his cop buddies help Hopper if it would lead Hopper to find out that Nick killed his dad? What happened to Sheldon after he escapes? What the hell happened to Margo? She was kidnapped and then the day continued...then nothing? And what will happen to the uber-evil lawyer? The one thing that bothered me was the appearance of Surfer "Biting" Dude at the end. Why did he show up all cleaned up? Were the show writers eluding to something? Maybe Surfer Dude is some ... divine character? With all the open-ended stories, I think the writers were going to try for a second season if the first was a hit. I would have loved to seen how it would have continued. Unlike "24", I think Day Break could have gone for a second season. Probably not more than two or three seasons, but it would have been nice to see. As it stands, the show ended well and I am quite satisfied with its limited run. Networks should do more limited run series like Day Break.

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