Inconvenient Truth

march 17, 2007

I popped this Netflix rental into the DVD player last night and was instantly hooked. Even Eileen was hooked from the start, and she wasn't even going to watch the film. An Inconvenient Truth is Al Gore's passionate look at global warming. It is a very sobering look at what we as humans are doing to our planet -- and sadly, what kind of mess we are leaving for our children. The movie is one long presentation by Al Gore.  But, Gore is so passionate about global warming that the film becomes a very engaging piece of documentary. Gore makes compelling arguments for us to start changing our ways and to stop global warming. He makes it clear through evidence that global warming is not something that is debatable, it is something that is happening now. If you haven't seen An Inconvenient Truth, I encourage you to rent it and watch it. This move is not about politics, it is about the well-being survival of the human race. Global warming is real. Global warming is caused by human activity. We must do something to reverse it.

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