Screw Books, We Want Videogames!

april 4, 2007

I visited Micro Center yesterday at lunch (which curiously my wife asked, "They're still in business?") and I was quite surprised when I got into the store.  For those of you who haven't been to a Micro Center -- and that could be most of you -- they have a huge book section in the store. I would say their book section was a good 15-20% of the floor space at a store. Well, not anymore. Yesterday, when I arrived at the book section, it had been sectioned off. The book section was now about 40% of its old self, the other 60% was dedicated to console gaming. I can understand Micro Center doing this, as they are in business to make money and they will dedicate floor space to what is actually selling. But, it is a pretty sad reflection on our society that we have become so enamoured with the instant gratification of video games that books (and more importantly, reading) has taken a backseat. On an off-note, I got to play Gears of War on the Xbox 360 finally and I must say:  Graphics, sound and music score are fantabulous!  Framerate?  Not so fantastic, after a few minutes of play I was feeling a bit nauseous -- and this only happens to me with games that have bad framerates.

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