What Can My Mac Do?

april 6, 2007

I am experimenting to see what my Powerbook does for me exclusively.  The list so far:

There's probably more, it has just been a few days.  I already know that I need my Powerebook (or a Mac), but I want to see what tasks can be more generalized -- in other words, switched over to some sort of web services -- so that I can access it with my Linux notebook also. Talking about switching to web services, I am going to try to run both iCal and Yahoo! Calendar side-by-side to see if I can't live without iCal.  Yes, iCal+iSync puts my calendar on my phone and keeps it all happy.  But, since Y!Calendar is always up, it can send out text messages to my phone with reminders.  That is something quite useful and can replace the need for me to constantly sync up my phone in order to keep an up-to-date calendar. Yahoo! Addressbook is nice, but mine is a big mess because Yahoo! decided to stick my Yahoo! 360, Yahoo! Messenger, and Yahoo! Mail contacts all in there.  It is a big lump of contacts (and some contacts have multiple entries).  I don't know if I want to spend the time cleaning it out.  But, if I did, I could start running Y!Addressbook and Apple's Addressbook side-by-side also. Email is all fine for me since I use IMAP exclusively.  I can use a thick client like Thunderbird on my boxes to access my mail.  Or, I can use Squirrelmail to access it otherwise.  It is great that I get near unlimited storage with Dreamhost.  I wish that Y!Mail could be used as a client to access other IMAP (not POP3) accounts.  I love the interface of Y!Mail Beta.

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