may 27, 2007

HeroesI had high hopes for this season's freshman hit Heroes -- and for the most part, they were all met. Some of my hopes for the show were even exceeded. I sat down last night and this afternoon and watched the rest of the Heroes season after they returned from their haitus. The season finale was a bit of a let down, not because it was not well-written, but because it felt rushed. It really was a two-hour finale squished into a one-hour slot. NBC should have alloted more time for their big hit's season finale. The ending was a bit anticlimatic as I was expecting a huge show down. The end fight also let me down a bit -- the use of the heroes in the last fight felt a bit contrived.  The episode that I was most impressed with was the one before the finale.  It was paced very well and had some good surprises. That being said, the writers of show did well. They started with a solid story arc and finished it in one season in a satisfactory fashion. The characters all had their own story arcs and they all were very satisfying. I had my problems with some of the characters on the show (Suresh and Nikki/Jessica for example), but other than that I really liked most of the characters. Hiro was the unlikely hero of the show, and I think in the end his popularity pushed him into the spotlight of the show. Peter Petrelli was bad ass in the non-existant future, I hope his character morphs in the upcoming season. Heroes is well-deserving of all the hype that it received this season.  I really look forward to its return next season.

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