On The Move

june 9, 2007

During my five year run at Sony, I had my desk moved almost twice a year -- yes, it was ridiculous. But, never did I get moved from one building to another -- mainly because Sony had only one building in San Jose. Yahoo!, on the other hand, has a bunch of buildings (and campuses) here in the San Francisco Bay Area (plus a bunch of campuses around the world). In two weeks, I will be moving away from the building I have spent the last two years in -- "Building F" as it is known, which is located across the street from the main campus, aka Yahoo! HQ. My group is growing fast and we need more floor space to accomodate new hires. Management wanted to avoid shoving people into "bullpens". Bullpens are created by removing the wall between two ajoining cubes. Therefore, you can shove three people in a space made for two. I have yet to experience a bullpenning situation and I am glad I am not going to. In two weeks, my new home will be 1MC -- Building 1 of our Mission College campus in Santa Clara. If you look at the aerial view above, it is the building on the bottom right. I toured the floors that we will be taking over with Discher and Vito yesterday and the place is nice. I know there are some people that do not want to move (because 1MC is farther away from Yahoo! HQ). But, I'm OK with the move. It is right behind the Mercado shopping center -- with an In and Out Burgers, Ben and Jerry's, AMC 20 and Microcenter. It is a short walk away from Paramount's Great America. And there are a bunch of good restaurants in the near vicinity (yum!  Tobie Tylers). There are some good perks with going to 1MC. The ironic thing? As JR was moved away from 1MC a while back.  Alice got moved out of 1MC yesterday.  And I am moving into 1MC soon. Even better? I will be sitting in the same section as JR. And if I lobby my manager, I can even have JR's old cube. Weird. And of course, in keeping with the unwritten rule of keeping the evil maniacal world-taking over bloggers of Yahoo! apart: JR is now on main campus, Alice is now in 1GA, and I'll be in 1MC.  One of these days, there will be a shuffle mix up and us maniacal bloggers will be put into the same building. Then all hell will break loose. I'll take some pictures of the new place when I get moved in.

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