It's A Jungle Out There

june 12, 2007

I have a Powerbook. My Powerbook comes with MacOS X. MacOS X comes with Safari. I use Firefox. Why? Because I have access to Firefox across all the platforms that I choose to use (Windows, MacOS X, and Linux).  Firefox is pretty standards compliant and renders pages pretty close to what they should be like (if they aren't IE-specific). So, yesterday when Safari for Windows beta was announced, I yawned. Sure, I downloaded a copy and fired it up. I was surprised. Not in a good way. Good lawd, Apple decided to make Safari look just like the MacOS X version, from the brushed metal shell to the Aqua controls to the "resize only from the bottom right of the window". Yes, the font rendering is still the best on the market. Yes, the page rendering is still iffy. And, as of this morning, Safari for Windows is not recommended to be used since there were three zero-day vulnerabilities found yesterday. I can understand why Apple would want to try to expand their browser marketshare by releasing Safari for Windows. I can understand how that would definitely help Apple's bottom line. But, what I can't understand is why port Safari when they can just release MacOS X to generic hardware?

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