Alternate Universes

june 13, 2007

So, Terry Semel is getting hammered for not buying Google way back in 2002.  But, come on people think about it. In 2002, Overture (aka GoTo) was doing pretty well.  Google was just a search engine and AdWords/AdSense did not even exist.  AdWords and AdSense are Google's cash cows.  They bring in the billions and billions of dollars.  We can see that.  Lets say we can travel to one of the other billion parallel universes.  Lets say we landed in one where Yahoo! did buy Google in 2002. The Google that Yahoo! acquires is sans the cash cows (as shown in history).  Overture remains independent.  After the acquisition, Yahoo!/Google do not develop AdWords/AdSense until later (just like how in our universe, the enhancements to Overture technology did not happen until later).  Yahoo!/Google gets squashed by Overture/Inktomi.  And at the 2007 Yahoo! Stockholder's Meeting in this parallel universe, Terry Semel is pounded for...not buying Overture. Strange.  Just a thought.

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