Natural Selection Fan

july 31, 2007

Am I such a bad guy for wishing...nay...hoping for natural selection when I see stupid people doing stupid things? Let me give you a few examples. We have two neighbors who think that celebrating the independence of the United States of America means blowing shit up.  This year, San Jose PD was blanketing our neighborhood so these fucktards couldn't get off...their fireworks. So, after July 4th, they have been launching these things a few at a time ever few days. Very. Annoying. The other night, they launched one that was huge. It rattled windows and set off car alarms. And it didn't sound like it got too far off the ground. It was 3:30am and I was peeved. Is it so bad that I waited to hear the sounds of an ambulance siren? That I hoped that family members of whoever launched the bomb was scurrying around the street picking up miscellaneous arm bits and fingers? I don't wish for them to suffer all of natural selection (ie. die), but hell, them losing an arm would be good enough for me. Driving down highway 101, I see my share of stupid people who need to get naturally selected. The ones that I most hope for are the guys on those rocket motorcycles (ie. donorcycles). They are doing 100mph and doing wheelies. They are wearing a helmet, short sleeve t-shirt, and khaki shorts. Is it so bad that I hope and wish they fall over?  Sure, they don't have to die, but skin grafts from their ass to recover all the skin they spread over a mile of asphalt would be good enough for me. How about those people who decide that they really don't need to look both ways before stepping into traffic? And when they do step into traffic, they walk like turtles? What's worse? The parents that do this while dragging their kids around. Is it so bad that I hope and wish these people get thrown over some guy's hood and break a few bones? Am I such a bad guy?

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