august 2, 2007

Remember back in the day, Windows 98 was released and everyone used it.  Windows 98SE was released and everyone used it -- and even liked it a lot.  Then, in the that line of Windows, Windows Millennium Edition (ME) came and it was crap: software and hardware did not work well, it had problems being installed and it just did not compare to Windows 98SE.  People really disliked it -- it is even listed as the fourth worst tech product by PC World. Strangely, is Windows Vista going to be the new Windows ME for this generation of computer users?  Like Windows 98SE, people generally seem to like Windows XP (even given all of its warts) and want to stay with XP.  People who use Vista seem to like it, but those without it are not clamoring to shell out money to upgrade to it -- rather, they are waiting until a new PC purchase to get it. Windows Vista == Windows ME ?

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