Failure To Launch

august 18, 2007

Ever go and do something, fully thinking that this is the end all, be all. The confidence level is high. The ego is fairly satisfied and you go and you do it. Then you talk about it -- err, rant about how good it is. It is like going and starting a website selling and renting videos, only to shut it down a while down the road because it was a failure since launch. I did just that by switching my notebooks to Fedora 7. It was all heavenly at first, then things kind of went downhill. The system itself was fine, it was just the wifi that was all buggered. Both madwifi (Atheros support) and iwlwifi (Intel Pro Wireless 3945abg support) were really terrible. Madwifi came via livna and iwlwifi is part of Fedora 7. Using either one for any extended time would result in my connection being dropped.  A reboot was needed to get things back online. Even worse, sometimes after a fresh boot, neither one would come up with NetworkManager (I'd get a snide /var/log/messages error telling me to get a "better card"). Bleh. Failure to launch. Back to Scientific Linux 5.

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