september 5, 2007

So, this summer, I have discovered two shows that are absolute gems. The first, I wrote about earlier, is Burn Notice. The second is Alton Brown's Feasting on Asphalt. I actually started watching this show because "there was nothing else on" and also because I remember my sister telling me that last season came to an abrupt halt when Alton drove his bike into a ditch. And, lastly, I think Alton is cool on Iron Chef America -- and kind of cool on Good Eats, though the wackiness of Good Eats is sometimes a bit much for me. Reasons why I like this show a lot, other than Alton: It is very entertaining, while at the same time it is also very informative. That is a mix that is hard to accomplish, so getting it just right, like they have with Feasting on Asphalt is quite a feat. The music in the show is actually quite good -- go figure. It is quite catchy. The cuts to commercials have quotes and photos which are quite interesting. This season, Alton and gang (who are all just as entertaining as Alton) are traveling up the Mississippi and eating the cuisine off the main road. Seeing the locations, people and food during Alton's journey is worthy of an hour each week. There is always something interesting to see -- and always some good food that I would love to eat. I especially loved the episode where Alton and crew spent the last 30 minutes eating dozens and dozens of donuts in St. Louis. Anyways, I think this season is coming to an end this weekend. That's a good thing. Keep a season short and sweet -- that's the way it should be. I have season one in my Netflix queue, but it is listed as "Very Long Wait", maybe I am not the only one who has discovered this show.  Hopefully, Food Network will show reruns of this season for everyone who missed out.  What a great show.

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