The Train Wreck Named Britney

september 12, 2007

My turn to chime in on The Train Wreck Named Britney.  If you don't know already, Britney Spears decided to make a "comeback" with a performance on MTV's VMAs.  You can see the "performance" here on Yahoo! Video. Is it a bad performance?  Oh, hell yes.  She was sloppy and dancing like she was waddling through mud.   Her lip syncing was completely off (and she even stopped trying at points).  She looked really (really) nervous.  And the whole affair, other than that whole "watching a disaster" thing, was pretty boring. Was she "fat" as people have so easily tried to attack her with?  No, not at all.  I think she made a really bad costume choice, but she was far from being fat.  Those of you calling her fat probably have your own weight issues that you need to deal with. Was she "exploited" ask Kanye West proclaimed?  Nope.  Come on Kanye, she's a grown woman -- a mother of two -- she can make her own decisions (at least, I hope she can).  She made the decision to go on the show, to wear that costume, to not rehearse enough.  Don't blame the promoters for a bad performance when the performer did not make their best effort. So, if I were Britney's agent, I'd tell her the following, then submit my resignation:

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