Bye Heroes

november 19, 2007

Eileen accidentally deleted the first two episodes of this season's Heroes this morning. When she told me, I wasn't disappointed at all. I was kind of relieved. I watched the premiere and about half of the second episode -- and that was it. Thinking about it today, I don't think I'll watch the rest of this season of Heroes -- and will be deleting the DVR event soon after I finish this posting. I thought last season of Heroes was excellent -- and that Heroes should have been a one season show.  Save the world, done. But, in this age of building brands and executing sequels, it was guaranteed that NBC would produce a second season. It is too bad that Americans stand for long running shows that drag on . Look what happened to The X-Files or 24 -- or worse yet, look at Prison Break, where they broke out of prison in the first season and now they are on their third season. TV networks should learn something from the telenovelas of the world. Build out a complete and fantastic season; then be happy with it and let it go when it is done. Good-bye Heroes.

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