N Speed

april 19, 2008

Scratch that whole Powerline thing.  I was at Best Buy and saw a Linksys WGA600N Gaming Adapter.  It runs Draft-N and costs the same as the Netgear XE102G Powerline adapter set.  I figured why not give it a shot, I can still return the Powerline stuff.  The WGA600N was very easy to setup and, unlike the Airlink gear, it supports more than one device on a switch.  The WGA600N works great, I switch my D-Link DIR-655 router/AP from G-only to B/G/N mixed mode and in some informal testing, I have hit 56-64Mbps.  That is a hell of a lot faster than the 6Mbps the Powerline setup was giving me.  Nice. It's too bad my DIR-655 does not run dual-band Wireless-N. New winner:  Draft-N Gaming Adapter

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