Mind of Mookie

may 11, 2008

So, uh, I can code in PHP. I can even do some MySQL stuff. Really, I convince myself over and over again that I can. Anyways, I was getting into the whole Twitter thing. I think it is pretty good as a microblog. But, I like to have my data for myself. Twitter is cool and all, but I want to run my own thing. So, I went on the prowl to find some Twitter clone. I didn't find any that suited me -- some were cool and all, but still too big and did too much. So, I wrote my own. I call it mindof. I am now runnning my own microblog using my own software. The reason for a microblog (or as I have seen "sideblog") is so that I can collect my random thoughts. Most of the time I have lots of random things floating around in my head -- all of which would not make a decent blog posting. So, I like the idea of a microblog that just capture a stream of consciousness which would otherwise be lost. The code for mindof is out there for everyone to see. The lastest version is here. Don't giggle too hard. It's not a big project because I don't have much time between family, work and other things (school, etc). I'll try to work on it some. I know there are lots of improvements I would love to see in the code. But, the basics that I needed for a microblog are there already (add entry, delete entry, permalinks, rss feed, and user security). I'd love to add commenting, Twitter updating using the Twitter API, and integrate some Yahoo! services also. We'll see what kind of stuff I can do with it. I am happy that at least I finished one release. Yay!

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