may 15, 2008

Update:  Ugh, I pushed the wrong button and deleted this post.  Reposting from memory and half of an unpublished version. I have been using MyBlogLog for a while now.  I like it a lot.  I tried out FriendFeed the other day and it is basically the same thing as MyBlogLog, but not as nice.  And recently, there have been a lot of new features coming to MyBlogLog that is making it my default page in all of my webbrowsers.  In this Web 2.0 world (when are we getting the Web 2.1 or Web 3.0 upgrade by the way?), everyone has multiple blogs, feeds (like Flickr) and random sources of information (like Yelp, Twitter and such).  It is hard to keep track of all that information -- and that is where MyBlogLog comes into play.  MyBlogLog "streams" your friend's digital lives/information into one central location for you -- it is like your very own internet secretary.  Very, very cool stuff. And if you have a blog, the statistics tracking of MyBlogLog is also very useful.  I use MyBlogLog to look at outgoing clicks on my blog, that's something not even Google Analytics has.  Yay! So, if you haven't tried MyBlogLog yet, give it a shot.  It is a very cool tool. (And yes, Ian, I won't get the streams crossed  :)  )

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