One Seventy Smackaroos

july 24, 2008

Things just fell into place today and I got $170 back into my pocket!  The family was eating dinner at the local Chinese restaurant (China Delight II).  The restaurant had today's San Jose Mercury, so I just had to have a peek.  And that's when I spotted the ad above!  What?  Fry's was having a sale and they were selling my HP dv2910us notebook from Fourth of July for $170 off! One Day Only! So, I drove over to Circuit City and talked to Customer Service.  The woman behind the counter looked in disbelief at the ad.  She called Fry's to valid that the price was correct and that the notebook was in stock.  The price was right and they had them in stock.  Win! She called her manager over, a tall lanky young guy, and told him about the refund she was going to give. "Did you call?" "Yes." "They had it in stock?" "Yup." "Ouch." While the woman did the refund, the manager ran through what seems to be SOP for Circuit City: "I don't know if you know, but you can still get a free wireless gee networking and a free printer with this purchase." Ugh.  I smiled and told him "no".  Circuit City is quite relentless with their "free*" (*after mail-in rebate) stuff. Anyways, win for me as I got the $170 back from Circuit City!

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