Yahoo! Buzz Now Open

august 19, 2008

Yahoo! Buzz is now open to all publishers from large to small to niche.  It is really easy to add Buzz to your site, the details are here.  I've just added Buzz buttons to my site and it didn't take long (most of the time was trying to figure out the_loop in WordPress). I like Buzz because, well, I'm a Yahoo! employee.  But, it is also a good service when compared with Digg because the audience is more balanced -- less Google/Apple fanboys, less tech and more news.  Though, there is more "OMG Lindsay Lohan kissed her girlfriend!" type gossip than on Digg.  In general, Buzz is more balanced. Oh, and Buzz is growing leaps and bounds quicker than Digg -- which means more traffic for publishers.  Anyways, if you're a publisher, give Yahoo! Buzz a try.

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