Cold Hard Reality

september 1, 2008

So, while the kids are sleeping, I have had some time recently to work on my hobby project: mindof.  mindof is the software that I use to run my microblog. I moved everything over to Google Code so that I can have everything in a repository for version tracking -- plus it is nice to have a place host the wiki, downloads and bug tracking (hey, if Google offers up free bandwidth and hosting...) I also added features that I thought would be useful:

While I would love for mindof to be this huge success with lots and lots of people using it (like say Wordpress).  The cold hard reality of the whole thing is: I will keep on poking and modifying the code in order to learn.  But, mindof is its own little niche software product with at least one user:  Me. At least it has a cool logo (which is a riff on the ultramookie logo designed by JR).

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