Lower MPG

october 21, 2008

The lower the MPG, the lower the IQ of the driver?  I can understand that not everyone can afford to replace their previously purchased vehicles with one that is more fuel efficient.  But, when I look at someone driving an Escalade or Hummer or some other monstrosity, I have to wonder:  What the hell is wrong with this person?  Did they take a second loan out on their house to pay for the car?  These cars are not inexpensive by any means.  Did they even look at what kind of mileage that the SUV gets?  Do they really need it?  Because most of the time, I see these vehicles driven by a single person. Getting past those questions, it always seems to me that the person driving these fuel inefficient vehicles are the same people that do the most fuel inefficient things.  An Escalade gets terrible mileage (13MPG city, 19MPG highway), but I always see them with one tiny little woman in the drivers seat and that is it.  To make things worse, they are doing 90MPH+ on the freeway.  What?  Hello. The same little woman is also the one that I see in the mall parking lot.  Usually, my family and I hit the mall early to get shopping done.  This means that at the local mall, we park on the second floor of a four floor parking structure -- usually pretty close to the entrance.  The mambo SUV is always the one that is sitting there with their blinker on, waiting for us to leave.  It is obvious that we are going to take time.  Two babies to strap in, two strollers to put away, shopping bags, etc.  That takes time.  Nevertheless, the mega-SUV is waiting patiently, with its engine running, waiting for us to leave.  There are four floors and our mall is never busy enough that the fourth floor is full.  Why burn $3.50 to $4.00 a gallon gas waiting for a space?  Are they that lazy that they are willing to burn fuel?  I don't get it. Don't get me wrong, I drive an "crossover" (I call it a "wagon", some call it an SUV).  It is a Lexus RX350, non-hybrid.  It gets decent mileage -- real-world for me is between 20-21MPG.  I try to drive it nicely and if I focus on driving fuel efficiently, I can get past the 21MPG mark for a tank of gas.  Yes, it hurts to fuel up, but driving rationally usually results in decent mileage. So, returning to the original question.  MPG relates directly to IQ?  Probably not because I also see Prius drivers racing along at 90MPH+.  What are your observations on the road?

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