november 5, 2008

A while back, I was trying to get my contacts and calendaring in the "cloud".  Mainly, it was so that I could make better use of my iPhone without having to sync it via a cable with my Powerbook G4.  I found lots of solutions and eventually settled on using Google Calendar and Contacts via Nuevasync.  The whole running my own ActiveSync server thing was cool, but the harddrive in my little notebook started whining and I turned it off. While the whole Google Calendar and Nuevasync thing worked out well, I had issues with the Google Contacts app.  It seemed like an after thought that was thrown together for Gmail.  The app was basic and worked, but things like it not having fields for City, State and Zip were kind of annoying (everything was thrown in as "Address" which doesn't map correctly when synchronized).  The other annoyance was that Google wants to add crap to the contacts list based on email activity -- thereby cluttering up the contacts list if one does not keep on top of it.  Of course, there is still my paranoia surround Google having information about me. A shortcoming of Nuevasync was that it only syncs two weeks into the past, no matter what you tell it to do. So, after my iPhone bit the dust and getting my new Moto Q9h, I wanted to see what I could do to get away from the whole Google and Nuevasync setup.  I found out that if I used mail2web, I could actually survive.  My data would not be trapped on mail2web servers because I could do a local backup of my data on the Moto Q9.  I would also be able to restore the data back to the device locally without having mail2web setup in ActiveSync.  This would allow me to get my data "exported" if I did a backup, restore, and then an ActiveSync to another ActiveSync provider -- or even if I bought Outlook and synchronized the data back to my local PC. So, today, I shutdown my experiment with being host with Google Apps.  I deleted all my calendaring events and contacts.  And the whole Google and Nuevasync thing has been shuttered.  I'm now using mail2web Live fully.  I'm able to synchronize to my Moto Q9h calendar, contacts, tasks and mail.  All of them via push (during the day) and polling (during the "off peak" hours to save battery).

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