Emergency Blinkers

january 3, 2009

grr! To the lady in the Wells Fargo parking lot on Lawrence and Arques:  Don't be mad at me, be ashamed of yourself.  I flashed my highbeams at you because:

  1. You were driving in the wrong lane when I flashed you.  Yes, you were coming head-on with me.  So, it was a friendly:  "Hey!  Watch the hell out!  We're in front of you" type warning before I rammed my SUV into your craptacular late-90s Corolla.
  2. You parked in a red zone.  HelloRed zone.  They didn't paint the curb red to make it look pretty for Christmas.
And lady, please, get this through that thick skull and in your little monkey brain:  Your family member jumping out of the car to run into the bank to do whatever they need to do.  That does not count as an emergency.  So, turning on your emergency blinkers does not permit you to drive the wrong way in traffic and park in a red zone. So, don't give me that angry look as I drive by, feel ashamed that you are showing off just how ignorant you are.  If you can't remember "don't drive on the wrong side" and "don't park in a red zone", then maybe you should just ask yourself this before doing something:  Would I do this if a cop were behind me? (Sadly, I am guessing that you might.) Sigh.  There are a lot of people that should have their drivers licenses (which are a priviledge, not right) revoked.

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