I (heart) Library

january 29, 2009

Back in December, after I got my Sony Reader, I went to the San Jose Library to get a library card. It was the first time that I stepped into a public library in a long time. I got my library card so that I could check out digital materials from online.

Recently, I have found that the public library has a lot more to offer and is a hidden gem. Today, we went together as a family and it was a wonderful experience. We walked into the library just in time for "Story Time with Stay and Play". Jacob really enjoyed the experience.

As Jacob and his Mommy were at the Stay and Play, Caitlin and I wandered around the library. We found that there is not only free Wi-Fi in the library, but there are also lots of tables that have power outlets for people who bring their notebooks. This is completely unlike going to Starbucks or Barnes&Nobles where I can get free Wi-Fi, but no power. There is also an internet cafe for those people who do not have computers -- and it was completely full.

You can get DVDs (I spotted "Sunshine" and "300" today). You can get music CDs. And of course, you can get books. All for free. If you want to purchase books, there was a section where you can buy used books ($1 for hardbacks and 50c for paperbacks). Jacob has four books checked out. He has already checked out and returned a bunch of books. What a treat for him.

The library is cool!

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