Fedora 11

june 9, 2009

I was so excited to get Fedora 11 installed on my new laptop.  I had the x64 Live CD and x64 DVD all burned -- ready to go.  First, test with Live CD, then install with DVD (to get a custom install and all).  Well, booting to the Live CD was where things started to go wrong.

I got the cool Plymouth boot screen, the little Fedora free speech bubble filled in and made that cute little "poof" explosion.  Then, my screen went nuts -- splintering into two with boot text.  The CD ceased to spin and the machine just hung there with a split-screen and a functional cursor.  What?  Maybe the Live CD is bad?

I boot from the DVD and after booting to the point where Anaconda detects the video card, same damn thing.  So, I reboot on the DVD and choose to go with the "safe" video.  Oh, it works now.  It boots, the resolution is off (1024x768 instead of 1280x800) but I can install at least.  After minutes of copying files and installing, I boot the system to find that my display resolution is still 1024x768.  Grr. 

Giving the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file a quick edit and swapping out "vesa" for the display Driver for "radeon" made a whole lot of difference (see Update 2 for better information).  On reboot, my display worked and resolution was fine.  I don't get the cool Plymouth boot screen -- and my guess is because I am not using the kernel mode-setting video stuff, but that is OK.  Desktop Effects seem to work fine, so I am OK.

Actually, that is all that went wrong.  Otherwise, things seem to be working fine.  I have the x64 version installed, so I just wanted to note for myself how to get Flash x64 working.  Download from here.  Then untar/ungip and put the resulting .so file into:


Done.  I will write more about Fedora 11 as I explore.

Update:  Things are a bit goofy and I think it is probably because of video.  But, Firefox is not showing all pictures -- there are images that are black for some reason.

Update 2:  Looks like the black squares/rectangles thing is a known issue with the radeon driver.  I installed xorg-x11-drv-radeonhd and then changed the driver from "radeon" to "radeonhd" and that seems to have cleared things up on this front.  Though, it looks like no 3D desktop effects using this driver plus the ATI x1200.  Oh well.

Update 3:  Presto differential updates is pretty nice.  Usually it saves 80-90% in necessary downloading.  Waking up from suspend does not quiet work with Fedora 11.  My wireless card (Atheros) does not wakeup properly and I need to restart NetworkManager in order to get things working.  At this point, I am reinstalling Ubuntu 9.04.  Fedora 11 can live happily in a VirtualBox afterwards.

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