november 10, 2009

Warning.  Mookie Mad.  Griping Ahead.

At work, there is a pretty sizeable parking lot.  The parking lot has one main lane that people use to get in and out of the lot -- it is a lane that has multiple speed bumps, which I reflects that there was or could be some people driving pretty fast down this main lane.

At lunch, people that work in the three buildings for which the large parking lot serves, tend to come out and walk around the lot for exercise.  I have nothing against that.  More power to those people that come out for exercise, it is good for them. A lot of the people come out in pairs and walk in the lot side-by-side for companionship.  Great, not a problem.  Even when they walk like that in the main lane there is a lot of space for cars to go past.

What I have been seeing lately is a group of individuals, about six or seven of them that come out to walk in the lot.  They walk in the middle of the damned lane SIDE BY SIDE in one big wall that blocks the whole busy main lane!  They walk and are oblivious to the traffic behind them.  To these people I have one thing to say to them:


Or learn to walk in a beeline.  Or pair up so that you are not taking up the whole lane!  Or go use the damned gym.  I might be nice now, but if I keep having to slow down to a crawl and wait for you to notice that there is a 3000lbs SUV behind you:  I will be sticking my head out and yelling at you.  And if you don't get the idea then, honking will ensue. And a reminder:  I may notice you idiots walking in the middle of the frigging road, but some other distracted driver may not and there maybe six or seven badly injured people lying in the middle of the road.

Get a f*cking clue people.  Don't walk and block the main lane for a large parking lot.

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