november 1, 2010

After eight months, I sold my Barnes and Noble nook on Ebay and I am now back with Sony -- using their new Sony Reader Touch Edition (PRS-650). 
The history behind the nook is a bit silly, but it goes something like this:  I had the Sony Reader PRS-505 (6" screen) and it was really awesome. When the PRS-300 came out, I thought that it would be more convenient to have a 5" screen device because I could take it with me anywhere. But, as it turned out, I didn't like the 5" screen -- mainly because I ended up having to turn pages too much. I wanted to get another 6" device, but Sony at that point had released the PRS-600 which had a horrible touch screen -- a resistive layer on top of the Eink screen that made the screen muddled. And, that's why I went with a nook.

Did I like the nook? Yea, it is a good machine with some really good qualities, but it also has some drawbacks that I did not like. Would I recommend it? A definite "yes" to all of those people that want an easy-to-use standalone device that is open to books not just from Barnes and Noble, but also from other ebook sellers like the Sony Reader Store and Kobo. And also, a device that can read ebooks from your local library

Here are some of my thoughts about the nook...


There are a lot of drawbacks, but like I said earlier, if you can live with those -- and I think there are a lot because I am a picky person -- then the nook is a wonderful reading device.

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