Furious 6

october 9, 2013

I've always liked the Fast and Furious movies -- well, maybe not so much the second and fourth ones. These films are not highbrow Oscar-bait and everyone associated with the films knows that. Fast and Furious is about the cars, the stunts, and the characters.

Furious 6 is, by far, my favorite of the series. The stunts start off with a bang and continue to escalate -- ending with an improbable, but incredibly exciting sequence with an airplane, a runway that seems to be a hundred miles long and a lot of cars.

I wonder if Justin Lin, the director, knew that this would be his last film because he really pulled all the stops out on this one. I liked how they were able to tie the Han storyline back into the Tokyo Drift, which was Justin Lin's first Fast and Furious movie.

Fun film if you like cars and action.

Spoiler: Someone correct me if I am wrong, but they changed the ending to Tokyo Drift with the snippet during the credits right? I mean, yes, I know Statham wasn't in Tokyo Drift, but didn't the kid watch Han die and it wasn't from a gunshot?

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