Hoka One One - Bondi 6

Hoka One One - Bondi 6
My new pair of Hoka One One shoes arrived yesterday from REI.

When I got started running, I discovered Hoke One One shoes. The first pair of Hoka One One’s I had were the Clifton 1’s which were so comfortable and I loved running in them. But, I have moved away from them because the pillowy soft soles on the Cliftons have become harder and harder with each “upgrade” of the shoes (the last Cliftons I wore were Clifton 6’s).

I tried Hoka One One Ricons for the last few hundred miles and those were quite nice. But, I kept reading about how nice the Bondis were, so this is my first pair.

I went for the inaugural run outside this morning with the Bondi 6s and they felt great. The soles are super soft and because I was able to get the wide version of the Bondi 6, the toe box was nice and spacious for my big feet. I can’t wait to put a few hundred miles on these shoes.

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