What's Happening Mookie?

Movie Reviews

I’m taking a short break from writing movie reviews. I have been using the time on other things (like the Fediverse). I am still watching movies – the recent ones being Rosaline (funny!), Bullet Train (boring!) and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (mixed feelings). I have notes about each new movie that I have seen and may write about them in the future.


I’ve been fairly active on the Fediverse (or as some people know it, Mastodon). I’ve stood up (and taken down) two Soapbox+Rebased Fediverse instances for fun. With all the chaos happening on that one microblogging site, I have deactivated my account there. I am quite active right now one Masto.ai, you can find and follow me at @mookie@masto.ai.

I have had lots of genuinely awesome interactions on the Fediverse and it’s been great. I have been on the Fediverse on/off since 2018 and have moved around between many instances. There’s been an influx of people leaving Twitter and some instances (aka servers) have been slow and being upgraded to keep up with the increase loads – please keep in mind these instances are generally run by volunteers on their own time and with their own money (or donations). Mastodon admins are doing a fantastic job and I commend them.


I bought an Apple Watch Ultra a little more than a month ago and have been diving back into running outside. I have spent too much time over the last two years running steadily on the treadmill. It has been nice to have a few runs per week outside and learning how to pace myself again. I find it harder to run outside because I tend to run faster outside. I am now building up to run longer distances and get myself back into shape to run those longer distances faster.

I have also signed up for some virtual races to keep myself motivated. This week, I’ll be running the Virtual NYRR Run for Thanks 5K. In April 2023, I’ll be running the Virtual runDisney Springtime Surprise Weekend – a series of three races: 5K, 10K and 10-miler. The first two shouldn’t be an issue for me, the 10-miler I will have to train for since I have not run that long of a distance in a while.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

I had been playing Battlefield 2042 for the last six months – ever since the first season started. It has been a lot of fun and I am glad that DICE is making the game better.

But, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II came out and I have moved over for now to play it. It is fun and there’s so much stuff to grind,unlock and earn. It’s worth mentioning, the game looks absolutely gorgeous on the Xbox Series X – and to my surprise, it looks similarly great on the Xbox Series S!