JR Replacement

july 30, 2008

Update Here. Now that it is official; and my team knows; and managers are talking...I can post publicly about my upcoming move! I'm leaving the Ad Systems team and moving over to the Yahoo! Developer Network team!  The move will happen in early October as I'm just about to go on paternity leave for six weeks. It was about four weeks ago when JR left Yahoo! for Netflix.  But, before he did, he pinged me and asked me if I wanted to work in YDN (without first telling me that he was leaving).  Of course! YDN has always been the one group that I wanted to join.  Soon after that, JR told me that he was leaving and that I would be taking his position.  Whoa. A year ago, when JR joined YDN, I told him that one day I would work there with him -- and if I couldn't find a way in, I would steal his job.  I guess I kept my word.  During the interview with the YDN team, I kept getting asked how I knew JR.  And for some reason, I didn't know.  But, I think I know... So, the story goes like this.  When I was interviewing with Yahoo! some three years ago, one of the first blogs I read was JR Conlin's.  A day or two before I got called by Yahoo!, JR had outed himself as a Yahoo -- so, by the time I went looking for information about what life was like in Yahoo!, I was able to grep through JR's blog for information.  When I joined, JR invited me to eat candy from his bowl -- which I did and we kept in touch since then. Since I'm not out of Ad Systems yet, I am not going to say "bye" to the team.  But, I am so excited about my move over the YDN.  I can't wait to start there. As for the title of this post:  The informal title for the position, when I was asked to interview at YDN was..."JR's Replacement".  I can't replace JR, but I can definitely bring my own version flavor brand of hell to the group.

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