OneDrive Is Already Installed

Update 5/9/21: OneDrive not starting and being missing upon reboots was happening consistently since February when I originally posted this.

My frustration with the issue got to the point that I stopped using my Surface Pro X after I factory reset it and the issue persisted. I redid my setup on my Surface Pro X in mid-March because it is still my favorite notebook to work on (silent, long lasting battery, beautiful screen and awesome keyboard). Reboots still resulted in OneDrive issues.

But, in the last week or so, one of the updates cleared up the issue. I can now reboot and have OneDrive working when the machine comes back up. Yay!

Original Post

After my Microsoft Surface Pro X (awesome machine) rebooted from the Windows 10 version 20H2 update, OneDrive was not running. Nor did the OneDrive application show up in the Start Menu. When I tried to reinstall OneDrive, I was greeted with the error “OneDrive is already installed.

OneDrive was still showing up in the installed programs list, so I tried to uninstall it. Yet, nothing would happen. I spent an hour searching and most everything I found was unhelpful until I found this suggestion:

  • Download the OneDrive setup from here (Official Microsoft Site).
  • Open a Command Prompt with “Run as administrator” option (Hit the Windows button, type “cmd”, right click the Command Prompt program and select Run as administrator.
  • Go to the directory where the OneDriveSetup.exe was downloaded to.
  • Then run:

    OneDriveSetup.exe /allusers

That should fix things.