Halo: Season One

Spoilers: If you haven’t finished Halo season one, come back when you have.

There are spoilers ahead.

You’ve been warned.

Kate Kennedy as Kai-125

When the game is over, the king and pawn go back into the same box.

I finished the first season of Halo on Paramount+ and the finale was emotional and well done. This first season was very rough and it hit some high highs, but it also had some deep lows.

Here are some quick thoughts about the show and this season:

  • The character that I liked the best was Kai-125. Of the four Spartans in Silver Team, she was the one that was most memorable. Her character has much more personality than John-117. It also helps that she reminds me a lot of Kara “Starbuck” Thrace from Battlestar Galactica.
  • Makee is another favorite character on the show. Makee is wonderfully complex and nuanced. Makee has a genuine, and tragic character arc through the season.
  • The twist with the Halsey clone was a good one and I look forward to seeing where they will take Halsey in the next season. Though, I am still not that happy with the character as a whole because the character is too chaotic.
  • It is nice to finally see Master Chief and Cortana working together, though I am not sure I buy into the whole “Cortana mode” thing that happens in the last minutes of the finale.
  • Looking at this first season as a whole, it was not very successful. The showrunners were able to stick the ending of the season, but it took a lot of patience to keep watching week after week.
  • The weakest part of the season was everything related to Madrigal and the character Kwan. It is unfortunate that the writers were not able to make that work, but as it is, that storyline should never have happened and I am hoping that it does not make a return in the next season. Episode 7 (the Kwan focused episode) can be skipped completely without really making a difference in the overall story.
  • I will return next season to see if the showrunners make course corrections based on feedback from fans on this first season and to see where the show heads. I am hoping they tighten up the show and leave the extraneous storylines (Madrigal and Kwan) out of the next season.

What did you think of this first season of Halo?