So Long LinkedIn and Thanks for all the Fish

Mookie's First Month

The requisite picture in front of the [in] sign during my first week

Mookie's Badges

After more than four years, today marks my last day at LinkedIn. It’s been quite a ride.

Mookie and Jon

I am eternally grateful to Jon for nagging me through the years to come join him at LinkedIn. My journey at LinkedIn has been rewarding, I have learned so much from everyone that I have collaborated with.

Mookie and Samir

But, it wasn’t until Jon sent his closer, Samir that I was finally convinced to join LinkedIn. It was because of Samir’s deep insights into the team, the work, the tech and Star Trek that persuaded me to join. I am so happy that Jon sent Samir because Samir has become a close friend ever since.

The Teams

My teams (CDN-SRE and Framework SRE) worked on big projects, built systems and platforms, wrote some amazing code and achieved so many great things during our time together – I am so incredibly proud of what both teams achieved. Some of us even trudged through the fires of Hell and back again, returning stronger and bonded tighter as a team. But those are not the things that I will remember.

What I will remember are the people because they are like family to me, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with these talented individuals.

I collaborated with two awesome tech leads (Michael and Erin); two brilliant engineers (Paul and Charan); an engineer who transitioned into being the best manager at LinkedIn (Bhaskar); an apprentice that continues grow exponentially (Devin); one of the most energetic and eager engineers I have ever met (Sonny); an engineer who blossomed through grit and hard work (Suganya); the prodigal summer intern who returned to become a master software engineer (Utkarsh); and three of the nicest, most talented and hardest working SREs in our Bangalore office (Mridul, Shreya and Alizey).

CDN SRE Welcome Lunch

My time with the CDN-SRE (aka CDO) team will always be at the core of my experiences at LinkedIn. From the minute I joined, this crew of engineers (Michael, Erin, Bhaskar, Paul and Charan) welcomed me as part of the team. Together, we had an amazing three year run and I will always have fond memories of this time.

In the picture above, from left to right: Mookie, Mookie’s favorite nephew Damian, Paul, Bhaskar, Erin and Michael.

CDN SRE Great America

CDN-SRE at Great America.

In the picture above, from left to right: Erin, Paul, Michael, Charan and Mookie.

CDN SRE Erin's Promotion Lunch

CDN SRE Erin's Promotion Lunch

Celebrating Erin’s promotion with some Korean BBQ and Soju.

CDN SRE Summer Intern

CDN-SRE was lucky to get a summer intern in 2019. This picture was taken in the CDN-SRE area, complete with our bean bag covered in the swag that the guys got from GopherCon.

In the picture above, from left to right: Charan, (intern) Utkarsh, Michael, Mookie, Erin and Bhaskar.

CDN SRE Pandemic

CDN SRE Pandemic

When the pandemic hit, CDN-SRE adapted and worked so well together online. From our remote team building lunches (thanks Grubhub gift cards) to our daily 30-minute CDN Hello (aka. “let’s just hang out”) meetings, the team was together and always having fun while working hard.

CDO Legacy

CDN SRE Forever

CDN SRE Forever

While the CDO team isn’t together anymore, the spirit of the team continues to influence the teams in which CDO members have joined. Whether inside or outside of LinkedIn, CDO will live on.

CDO Forever.

The People

There too many great people that I have worked with to name. But there are a few special people that I want to mention.

First, my bestie Ben!

Then there’s Doris and Ashlie, without whom I would have never gotten started at LinkedIn; J.D. who is one bad ass engineer; my bus buddy from the early days, Sudheer who kept me company on the ride to and from work on the LinkedIn commuter bus; Joe “The Stormtrooper” who has all the coolest Star Wars stuff; Isaac who was an awesome mentor from which I learned so much; Yogesh, who is not only an awesome colleague and a fantastic manager, but also the most knowledgeable Marvel fan I know.

I’ll miss working with y’all!

Ice Cream

Ice Cream

One last thing I will miss, the unlimited delicious ice cream. Ice. Cream. Yum.

This Isn’t Goodbye

It was great to see so many people on my last day. And I even got to meet someone new, my bestie’s son, JJ.

This isn’t goodbye as we’ll all keep in touch. It’s not the company that we work at that keeps us together, but the friendships that we’ve formed.

JJ and Mookie

My bestie’s son, JJ came to my last day. He’s so adorable!

Ice Cream

It was great seeing Sudheer again.

Ice Cream From left to right: J.D., Ben, JJ, Mookie, Paul, Suganya, Erin, Sonny and Devin.

Ice Cream Clockwise from noon: Sonny, Paul, Ben, Mookie, Erin, J.D. Devin and Suganya.

Next Play

Next week, I start my Next Play and I am super excited about it. More to come on what kind of trouble this troublemaker will be making.

Until then, I’ll be funemployed for three days. Just kicking around and relaxing.