Faster is a retro B-movie that has a plot that is singularly focused. The movie has a twist that can be seen from the start of the film, but still, the movie has enough energy to keep it going – though the midsection loses some of this energy.

Dwayne Johnson stars as Driver, who is recently released from prison. He gets a car (one beautiful Chevelle SS) and a hand cannon of a gun. His sole purpose in this movie? Revenge. That’s it. There is a parallel story about two detectives (Carla Gugino, Billy Bob Thorton) who are trying to catch Driver. There is a tertiary storyline that follows an assassin (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) who has been hired by a mysterious voice on the phone to kill Driver.

This is by far not one of Dwayne Johnson’s best movies, as it is, this is a decent film but he does not get much to do in the film except scowl at people and shoot people in the head. Carla Gugino is completely wasted in this film, she’s such a great actor, but is given next to nothing to work with. This is the second film that I have seen her work with Johnson, the other being San Andreas and her talents were wasted there also. Billy Bob Thornton is Billy Bob Thornton. The best actor in the film? The Chevy Chevelle SS. What a sweet car.

The one problem I had with the film is the assassin (or as the movie names him: Killer). His plotline was a bit of a waste and his character a bore. I also question his driving of a Ferarri to go on his hits. That sounds like the stupidest thing an assassin could do: Drive a fancy, unique and very recognizable car to go kill someone. Just stupid. By the end of the film, the assassin’s storyline is not even wrapped up well. If they did not have the assassin’s storyline, the film may not have made it past an hour and a half (its running time is an hour and 38 minutes).

I am not going to ding the script by Tony and Joe Gayton. It is efficient and works well for what it is – a tale of revenge. The direction by George Tillman Jr. is effective and the creative camera work makes the film visually interesting.

Faster is a decent B-movie that is fun to watch when there’s nothing to watch. It might not be The Rock’s best, but he still makes the film good.