Ready to Rumble

Why did I spend an hour and a half with this movie? Ready to Rumble, I’m guessing here, would probably be pretty entertaining to those who watch WCW. But, for me, I think wrestling is pretty (for lack of better word) stupid. And after a few minutes of watching Ready to Rumble, I wondered why I opted to rent this movie.

The funniest part of the movie was the last fleeting minutes of the film when the bloopers reel rolled. The other hour and 29 minutes are unfunny and not worth the time watching. The movie follows the plight of two losers (David Arquette and Scott Caan) who try to help their favourite wrestler, The King (Oliver Platt, who looks like a fish out of water), regain his crown in the WCW.

David Arquette and Scott Caan think that the act of yelling at each other is funny. Which, for most of us, is not. Arquette takes his TV-commercial personality and bumps it up a few notches, moving him from funny-annoying into the land of just being plain annoying. Oliver Platt, I hope, was only doing this film to earn a few bucks. Platt who doesn’t look like a wrestler seems way out of place. I wondered why the studio-heads did not hire a real WCW wrestler for the part. In the end, during the final “fight to the end” it’s hard to suspend disbelief that Platt may actually win.

Skip, Skip, Skip. Skip Ready to Rumble.