Zzzz. Oh! Hello, I must have fallen asleep during the film.

Spoilers Ahead

Lets get this out of the way: You don’t need to remember anything about the previous films to watch this one. There were somethings about factions and something about a wall and some people fighting. That’s about it. In this movie, the heroine and her posse fight to escape out of the city of Chicago (outside the wall). What do they find on the outside of the wall? Some other humans, “pures” who look down on the “damaged” (people inside the wall). The damaged are part of an experiment that the pures are running. There are even humans in the fringes. Everything in city that the pures live in is paradise – or, gasp, so we think! Of course, there’s no surprise about the pures and their intentions. So, the heroine and her posse fight to… Yes, get back inside the wall.

The movie takes itself so serious, it’s almost laughable if it weren’t so boring. The excitement at the end of the movie? Attack of the orange gas and watching people running away from it. The special effects in the film are quite questionable at times. The acting? What acting?

There were a few points that I wrote down in my notes about the film:

  1. The pures had all sorts of advanced technology. They had elevators that floated around. They had future transports that looked like it was a copy of the Batwing from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. They had drones that soldiers used to scout ahead. And they had an invisible monitoring system to watch over the experiment in Chicago. The people running the city called themselves the silly name Bureau of Genetic Welfare. Yet, with all this advanced technology the way they dealt with authentication was a barcode tattooed on the wrist? Ugh. Really?
  2. David, the leader of the Bureau of Genetic Welfare has an invisible monitoring network inside of Chicago that no one can see, yet he can see everything. He has control of doors inside the tunnels. Yet, in order to release a gas that erases everyone’s memory he has to go through an elaborate scheme that includes sending an unreliable person back into the city to try to convince a power hungry character (with morals!) to push a digital button. Why not just release it from the pure’s city remotely? It is not like anyone will remember the gas being released. Stupid. Just stupid.
  3. How is it that the pures could control the weather inside Chicago? It’s obvious that Chicago did not have the orange/red rain that was experienced just ouside the wall. It was also obvious from the opening shots that from up in some of the skyscrapers that the Chicago residents could see out into the horizon – yet, they could not see any of the radioactive landscape. Huh?

Worth mentioning is the film’s score which sounded like a bad copy of Daft Punk’s score for TRON Legacy.

Anything worth seeing this film for? Nope. One last film to see how this mess of a story gets wrapped up. I doubt the end will be anything original or exciting. I am predicting a yawn inducing ending.