The Peanuts Movie

The Peanuts Movie is short, simple and enjoyable for the whole family. There is just enough story in the film to keep everyone engaged. I really liked the film and there were quite a lot of laughs throughout the movie.

There are two simple stories that drive this movie. The first follows Charlie Brown as he works up the courage to speak with a new girl that arrived in town. The second, parallel story is of Snoopy and his fictional story of him saving a pilot dog named Fifi. It really is not much, but it is enough. In between the story scenes are short scenes that are quite entertaining.

The look of the movie is both new and retro at the same time. I really liked the style of the film – mixing 3D characters with ragged hand-drawn accents. The bright colors also make the film a treat for the eyes. Watching the film on UHD Blu-ray also showed the immense details of the characters.

The score by Christophe Beck works very well with the film. I have become quite a fan of Beck’s work (starting with the Disney short Paperman).

The Peanuts Movie is a fun engaging movie that is well worth a viewing.